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Clips from Pandit Arvind Mulgaonkar's double VCD Entitled:
"Rare Treasures of Farrukhabad"
1. Arvind Mulgaonkar, "Rare Treasures of Farrukhabad" - Gaind Ichaal (Bouncing Ball) Gat -
    Original Composer Ustad Munir Khan Saheb
2. Arvind Mulgaonkar "Rare Treasures of Farrukhabad" - Explaination of "Takit-Dhikit"
Clips from Pandit Arvind Mulgaonkar's DVD accompanying his book "Izazat"
 1. Arvind Mulgaonkar, "Izazat" - Lahori Gat - Given to him by Ustad Atta Hussain Khan of Rampur
2. Arvind Mulgaonkar, "Izazat" - Gat Toda
3. Arvind Mulgaonkar, "Izazat" - Punjab Chachar Gat Toda
Both, the VCD set as well as the Book+DVD set are available for sale.

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